A List Of Unique Analytical Essay Topics Related To Lord Of The Flies

The Lord of the flies is one of the most important pieces of literature from the 20th century. Written by William Golding, it describes the way in which a group of young children behave after crash landing on an island following their intended evacuation as a result of an ongoing war.

The story includes a wide range of different themes, and looks at challenging concepts in a relatively interesting manner. As a result, it is possible to devise a wide range of unique analytical essay topics related to the novel.

In order to think of a good title, you may wish to brainstorm a variety of ideas, including those related to some of the themes discussed within the book. You will then need to put together some sort of claim relating to any ideas that you have thought of, which you will then analyze and discuss as part of your essay. For example, the following is a list of relevant ideas that you could use.

  • The use of the college in Lord of the Flies relates to the group’s ability to reflect the democratic society from which they were brought up
  • Piggy is depicted as a working-class character and, as a result, he is unable to succeed in the novel, as this reflects general society, in which the poorest are controlled by the elite
  • Piggy’s asthma and poor eyesight further help to depict him as a weak character
  • The contrasting values of Ralph and Jack are a reflection of political differences in most major Western countries
  • The different characters in Lord of the Flies represent a range of political ideologies
  • The actions and behavior of the boys on the island reflects the way in which humans turn to religion and other beliefs
  • Lord of the Flies is one of the most important works in relation to the fictional depiction of human nature
  • Based on the events of Lord of the Flies, it is a fair assessment to suggest that when people work towards a common good, more can be achieved than when individuals look out for their own welfare
  • The fact that the children in Lord of the Flies were evacuated as a result of the war has a huge impact upon the behavior that they exhibit
  • The contrast between the ‘biguns’ and the ‘littluns’ in Lord of the Flies is a great reflection of power in society

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