Good Writing Prompts For An Essay About Romeo And Juliet

Romeo and Juliet are well known throughout the entire world as being a great tragic love story, so it can be kind of intimidating to write about. Here are some good writing prompts for an essay about Romeo and Juliet to help you get started.

  1. So, what exactly are the rules of marriage during the fourteenth century? Romeo and Juliet were not allowed to be together because of a family feud. But if they were allowed, what would the rulings be on their courtship and marriage during their period?
  2. Does love at first sight exist? Does it make sense that Romeo and Juliet fall in love with each other within seconds resulting in a magnanimous love affair which rips two families further apart only bringing them back together by death? Would this be plausible in real life, even during the fourteenth century?
  3. Explore the internal conflict that Juliet experiences during each act of the play. Write a character sketch which attempts to explain the internal conflict she feels.
  4. Suicide plays a bigger role in this play than the characters. Is self- destruction directly related to the theme of young love?
  5. What are the relationships of the main characters with their parents? Are they rebellious or obedient? How do they compare to relationships in modern times? Are they drastically different or surprisingly similar overall?
  6. Mercutio is considered a great and memorable character among all of Shakespeare’s other characters. What makes him so?
  7. Would you write the ending differently? How so?
  8. Did Friar Laurence exasperate the issue? If he had refused to marry them, would they have still decided to run away together or commit suicide?
  9. How does this play differ from other great Shakespearean works? How do the main characters of Romeo and Juliet differ from Hamlet, Othello, or Macbeth?
  10. Explain the journey of maturity taking place with both Romeo and Juliet, do they mature at all? Do they become less mature over the course of the play?

Shakespeare’s play is filled with all sorts of things to write about, like the significance of dreams to the plot, the importance of certain minor characters, and what other kinds of love are present in the play and how they play a role in the overall story. These are some great suggestions to help you get started writing your paper on Romeo and Juliet.

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