5 Good Compare Contrast Essay Topics That Will Help You Stand Out

There are many different topics a student can use for a compare and contrast essay—after all, choosing nearly any concept, idea, event, or object means there’s something it can be compared or contrasted with. These five topics, however, will be fun to research and make the student stand out in a crowd.

  1. Any two colors
  2. This topic is a standout topic, because it’s two very abstract ideas. No matter what two colors a student chooses, they will have a challenge on their hands in directly comparing and contrasting them. The beauty of choosing this topic is that it allows the student to use their imagination, creativity, and descriptive skills to come up with truly unique examples that will pique the reader’s interest. They’ll be able to explore physical manifestations of the color, literary themes and metaphors, and emotional and psychological connotations. While not the easiest topic, it’s one that offers the student a lot of potential.

  3. Comedy vs. Tragedy
  4. This topic is a standout for two reasons. First, it gives the student a perfect set up to use wonderful literary classics as examples in their writing, so they’ll have easy research that will nonetheless impress the instructor. Secondly, finding the ways in which these two forms of art are similar will be a profound and interesting experience.

  5. Socialism vs. Communism
  6. This can be an especially great topic for students who have not grown up under these systems because the two systems are often confused or conflated with one another by those who have experienced only capitalism. Discovering the nuances between the two can make for a very interesting compare and contrast essay.

  7. Buying a Car vs. Leasing a Car
  8. This is an interesting topic because it has real world practicality, which can be motivating for the student. Also, unlike some of the more abstract topics, students can present facts and figures to support their comparisons and their contrasts between these two concepts.

  9. Your Past vs. Your Present
  10. This is an exciting topic, because the student is able to write about their personal experiences. No other student will write an essay that’s similar to theirs, even if they choose the same topic, because it’s about a unique individual. This can be a good topic for introspective students that enjoy writing about their own experiences.

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