Creating Your Best College Essay: A Great Strategy

Your college essay helps to determine where you will spend your post high school years. It can help to open or to close doors for you. It should show who you are and what lessons you may have learned in life. This piece will be one of the most important writings in your academic career. Use our strategies to help you:

  • Be honest-be honest when you write. For some reason, when a person lies or embellishes in writing, it is always easy to identify. Embrace who you are and write about your self. Be very honest.
  • Be reflective-think back and reflect upon your life. What have been some of your high points and some of your low points? Then consider if you learned a lesson from that particular event or incident. Bad things happen to good people, but when good people become strong or learn from bad things, this shows strength in character.
  • Spellcheck and proofing-the paper needs to be error free. It cannot have mistakes. A paper with mistakes indicates that the composition is not important to you. If you have to employ someone to proof it for you, then do so. But do not have any errors in the essay.
  • Catchy title- the title does matter a lot. Keep in mind that the college review board may look at thousands of essays. A catchy title shows you care and that you have a creative nature. If you are dead even with a another child for a spot at the school, and it comes down to the essays and whose is the best, you need to get the reader's attention. You want yours to be deemed the best from beginning to end.
  • Not too much- as a young person, you may have made mistakes you regret. Most people have erred in life. Do not give the readers a list of everything wrong that you have ever done. You can show you made a mistake and how you learned from it, but you do not have to read ever error you have ever made in your entire life. Be smart.

When it is time to write the college essay, you want to do your best writing. You may be given a prompt or you may get to select your title. Whichever way happens, use or advice in order to create a strategy in order to compose your best possible college essay.

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