Comparison/Contrast Essay Topics: Think About Offline Resources

If you are writing a comparison or contrast essay, you might be asked to come with a topic on your own. If this is the case, consider offline resources.

  • Your library
  • You can ask around at your local library for writing guides, research materials, or topic suggestions. Your local librarians may be of more help than you realize.

  • Your teacher
  • You can always ask your teacher for assistance. Your teacher may be ready and willing to direct you toward the best topics, or they might provide you with a list of potential topics you can select from.

  • Your experiences
  • You can always consider your personal experiences. It might behoove you to brainstorm a list of your most shocking experiences, happiest moments, etc… and from that list to compile a compare/contrast essay topic that you can make relatable to your assignment requirements. You can take your personal experiences and use them as the foundation for a topic that better fits with what is required of you. For example: if one of your scariest moments was a car accident, you can write a compare/contrast essay between teen drivers and car accidents.

If nothing else works, then you can turn to online resources. It might be much more comfortable for students to ask for help online and it would be to have to call someone in real life and discuss why they need to hire a writing company. In addition to that you can remain anonymous when you hire someone online to handle your essay for you. Many of the best companies have privacy settings that enable your information to be protected at all time. This diminishes the risk of anyone finding out that you pay for writing service. Last, but certainly not least, if an essay has been written for you want to subject that you really don't like, you can release yourself from the stress and struggle of trying to cover a topic that you hate.

But of course, before you use an online service, you need to verify their services. You want a company that specializes in either your level of education for your topic. You do not want to hire a company that claims that they can write for any grade and on any subject. If they try to cover every niche possible, chances are your qualifications are not that good.

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