Coming Up With Interesting Essay Topic Ideas For College

The hardest part of any type of writing is coming up with the topic you are going to discuss. This is never more obvious than when students are not given a list of potential essay topics to choose from, but are instead expected to come up with their own. How will you be able to choose a suitable topic for the format of the essay? Read the guidelines below to find out from start to finish!

  • Brainstorming: Think about what interests you and what would hold your interest during the research process. Start with one word in the center of the paper that relates to your main ideas and expand them outward.
  • Look at previously published works: There is likely to be some previously done academic work that you find enthralling. Have they left the door open for any further areas of research that you can use? Or, is there conflicting work which has been done by other authors who disagree with each other? Is there a way to use this?
  • Keep it real: You need to be realistic about what you can and can't do. Make sure that you have the resources you are going to need before you settle on a topic. Otherwise, you may rush into your paper before you realize that everything you need for research was archived in some obscure place you must visit in person months ago.
  • Check out the current newspaper issues: Is there anything going on in the papers that is related to the topic you have chosen? Can something be used a base to start from?
  • Leave some wiggle room: Make sure that you have not narrowed down your subject too much. Obscure choices, while potentially extremely interesting, will have no material for you to draw from. Save the super-specialized research for dissertation development, not the essay.
  • Transforming the topic: Maybe you have come up with the question and are not sure where to go from there. If this is the case, carefully examine how you have posed the question you are using. There is every chance that with a little bit of rewording you will have all the inspiration you need.
  • Still at a topic loss?: Perhaps you just do not know enough about the subject you are planning on. Take a look at some previously done examples or go back to the beginning textbooks that posed interesting questions in the beginning.

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