Before we begin with discussing how to write a proposal for a research paper, we need to understand what a proposal actually is. A research proposal is a short piece of writing written by the author of the paper to describe the topic that he or she is going to be writing a paper on. As working on the paper can only be done after the proposal has been approved, it needs to be concise, clear and to the point. The best proposals are always those that have clear outlines telling one how the researcher will go about conducting his work and the topics he or she will cover while working. Here are some blunders that you should avoid while writing your proposal essay topics:/p>

  • Not reading the guidelines: It might come across as hard to believe, but many researchers often ignore the guidelines that come with the paper, and thus end up making mistakes that one should really avoid.
  • “New” and “Improved” are death words:  Like the terms “nice”, “amazing” and “best” are used more often than they should be, the terms “new” and “improved” are the most hackneyed terms in a research paper. Thus, proposals having the words “new” and “improved” often tend to get rejected, for the supervisors are bored enough to know that there will be nothing new and improved in the paper. Therefore, avoid using the words “new” and “improved”.
  • Avoid mentioning literature in your proposal: You should leave mentioning literature for the Literature Review section of the paper. The main reason behind doing this is that no topic ever has one or two related pieces of literature. Thus, mentioning those in your proposal might lead you astray from your central objective and spoil your proposal.
  • Avoid using passive voice in your proposal: Remember this: all the wrong proposals make use of passive voice. It sounds detached and boring, thus defeating the purpose of the proposal, which is to be engaging and interesting.
  • Avoid making your proposal into a question: This is like reading the most interesting story of your life and at the end discovering that it was all a dream. Aim to provide a clear objective at the end of your proposal rather than leave the supervisor thinking what the proposal was all about. When he or she finishes reading the paper, they should know what you are going to do and how you are going to do it.

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