Outlining a five paragraph essay: how to write it best

One of the most common forms of outlines is the five paragraph essay outline. It is the same outline approach that you were taught by your third grade English teacher. You may not remember exactly how it went since it was probably a long time ago. If you have been writing papers all along, you may have used it. It is a basic method that can be used for all types of essays and term papers.

The Best Way to Write a Five Paragraph Essay Outline:

  1. The five paragraph essay outline is broken down into five sections.
  2. These sections include the introduction, supporting idea one, supporting idea two, supporting idea three, and conclusion.
  3. The introduction section should contain background information, definitions, and your thesis statement.
  4. Your thesis statement should be formatted in a way that incorporates your three supporting ideas.
  5. Each supporting idea should contain at least two or three supporting facts.
  6. The conclusion should restate your thesis and give your reader something to think about.

Here is what it should look like:


  • Background
  • Thesis Statement

First supporting idea

  • Fact to support first idea
  • Fact to support first idea

Second supporting idea

  • Fact to support second idea
  • Fact to support second idea

Third supporting idea

  • Fact to support third idea
  • Fact to support third idea


  • Restate thesis
  • Give the reader something to think about

This is a great way to organize your ideas and make sure that all the information that you need is in one place. You can add additional points to enhance your paper or to lengthen the overall paper. The additional points can be denoted as a, b, c… They will be used to further break down the information in the sections labeled A.

When writing a paper, an outline can be very helpful. It will help you to organize your ideas and make sure that you include all the aspects that you need to discuss. You can expand this format and include more points for longer papers. The key is to make sure that every point consists of the same amount of supporting ideas and facts. This will keep your paper balanced and give each fact the same amount of weight. If you have one topic with a lot more details, it will make it seem more important than the other facts and you want all three facts to carry the same weight. Hope this helps you write the best outline possible for your next essay.

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