A List Of 8 Brand New Narrative Essay Topics

  1. The Most Interesting Thing That Every Happened To Me
  2. What was the most enlightening experience that you have ever had? Write your narrative essay on the most interesting thing that has ever happened to you. Make your thesis the revelation that you from this experience. How did it change your perspective on the world?

  3. The Best Day of My Life
  4. Another interesting narrative essay topic may be the best day of your life. You can write about why a specific day was the best day ever and how you changed because of it.

  5. What I Have Learnt This Year
  6. You could also write a narrative essay about something interesting that you have learnt this year. Remember, the difference with a narrative essay is that it is a story. Talk about something important that you have discovered recently in the last few months. How has it made a difference in the way that you see the world?

  7. What Important Lessons My Parents Have Taught Me
  8. Have your parents been particularly influential to you? If they have you could write a narrative essay on what they have taught you about life-so far. Use actual experiences and examples to tell the story. Make sure you develop a strong thesis using examples from your real life.

  9. The Most Influential Person In My Life
  10. Perhaps, it wasn’t your parents who have influenced you the most. If you have a hero or role model that you can write about- why not try that? Use examples and experiences to explain why that individual has been an inspiration to you.

  11. How I Have Changed Over The Last 10 Years?
  12. People are always changing and growing because of the experiences that they have. Talk about some specific events that have molded you into the person you are today.

  13. My 3 Best Traits
  14. Examining your own character may also be an interesting topic for a narrative essay. You can talk about your best traits and use examples to explain why they are the most outstanding things about you. Because the essay is narrative you can use humor and comedy to lighten up the composition. Try to engage readers by putting your personality into the paper.

  15. Why Narrative Essay Writing is So Difficult
  16. If you still can’t think of a great narrative essay topic then maybe just write your paper about narrative essays! Develop a thesis about why narrative essay writing is so hard to do.

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