A List Of The Most Interesting Environmental Persuasive Essay Topics

The environment is rightfully of great concern to many people. Extensive studies and research go into learning of the effects of human activities on the environment as well as ways we can alleviate these effects. Here are some examples of environmental essay topics that involve humans.

  1. Tourism
  2. Many people enjoy the environment, ironically these very people sometimes damage the environment as a result of their tourism activities.

  3. Industry
  4. The industrial revolution has affected the environment in many ways, the most obvious example of this may be smog formations over large cities.

  5. Agriculture
  6. Modern agricultural practices use many chemicals and machinery. Many of the chemicals eventually make it into natural water sources and affect the life that exists there.

  7. Domestication
  8. As humans spread over the world throughout history, they change the environment to better suit their ways of life. Many of these changes are harmless while some drastically affect the natural environment.

  9. Cities
  10. Cities consist of large amounts of people living in a small focused area. As a result many human waste products are able to make a significant impact on the environment surrounding these cities.

  11. Drug use
  12. It has been documented that recreational and over the counter medications used by humans often make it into the natural waterways. In these natural streams they affect the behavioral patterns of many organisms which has many effects on the entire food chain.

  13. Modification
  14. Throughout history humans have bred plants and animals to suit their needs. Many of these changes make it impossible for these species to survive on their own in nature and are now dependent on human interaction for their survival.

  15. Ignorance
  16. Humans develop chemicals and processes that affect nature in various ways that are often not apparent immediately. We may have discovered some of them, like CFC’s and lead contamination, but there are likely to be many in use today that we are not yet aware of.

  17. Harmony
  18. We humans are unlikely to leave earth in the near future, therefore ways of existing in harmony with nature may be our best option for survival. Explore the practicality of humans changing their lifestyles to better live in harmony with nature.

  19. Natural
  20. The earth has its own cycle of environmental conditions observed throughout its history from evidence found in fossil records. Explore the possibility that changing environmental conditions may be beyond our effect and control.

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