Essay writing is one of the most basic tools of writing. Every entry level English student is taught the dynamics of the essay as much as he or she is taught the dynamics of grammar. Not only this, an essay is one of the first tests presented to people in almost every sphere of life. Whether it is college, or a job, or even a proposal for their PhD, essays, or the likes, are required almost everywhere. Persuasive essays, also known as argumentative essays, are those that, in simple words, persuade. They make the reader see the writer’s point of view by using strong and steadfast opinions and highly convincing language. They are what we call written debates.

List of topics that are easy to search:

  • Should there be a dress code in schools?
  • Should euthanasia be recognized as a viable option for patients?
  • Should Special Education be removed from schools and conducted only in facilities?
  • Should the age limit for right to Universal franchise be lowered to fifteen?
  • Should the legal age limit to be recognized as an adult be lowered to sixteen?
  • Should marijuana for medicinal and health purposes be legal?
  • Should driving licenses be issued to illegal immigrants?
  • Should the shows on TV be censored?
  • Should gym class in school have an impact on the students’ final grade point average?
  • Should bullying be a crime punishable by the law?
  • Should teenagers be allowed to use birth control pills without the consent of their parents?
  • Should divorce be the only option to every marriage that is not working?
  • Should civil unions be recognized by the federal government?
  • Should there be free public Wi-Fi offered to citizens?
  • Should there be background checks and tests on people before they are able to buy guns?
  • Should prostitution be recognized as a legal profession?
  • Should there be stricter laws for celebrities who break the law?
  • Should there be other/alternate prison facilities in the country so as to hold more people, in order to not let them walk free because of no space in the penitentiary?

This was just a tentative list of some of the topics that you can ponder over. However, you can always find many using the tool that is the internet. Just remember that the key to writing a good persuasive essay is to take up a topic that appeals to you, and makes you feel like taking a stand. Only then will you be able to persuade people to look through your eyes.

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