Causes And Effects Alcohol And Drug Abuse In UK

Every year, alcohol and drug abuse lead to thousands of deaths all over the U.K. Addiction to these harmful substances is a major problem for society as a whole. It can only be solved when people understand the reasons that cause it, and see the full scope of the effects it produces.

The reasons that push people into an addiction to drugs or alcohol vary greatly. Every person is unique, so it is not surprising that the causes of their troubles are different as well. However, there are certain factors that increase the risks of a person developing this dangerous habit. Among them, family history is one of the most important. Watching the behavior of an addicted parent at an age where children see their guardians as role models can affect a child’s psyche on a very deep level. Mental health problems that are usually genetic in origin also often lead to a person developing some form of addiction. Sleep disorders, as well as being confined to a long-term care facility of some sort, also push people to seek solace in the oblivion that is offered by drugs or alcohol. It must also be mentioned that sometimes, people develop the addiction simply because they have no choice but to take some dangerous drugs on a regular basis. Chronic pain is a primary example of this situation, as the therapy in this case will mostly be based on drugs.

Consequences of any addiction affect people on different levels. They also have a strong impact on society as a whole. One must realize the full extent of these negative effects in order to be able to see how serious the problem actually is. On a personal level, substance abuse usually only makes the problems people try to escape even worse. Many citizens of the U.K. choose to take drugs or alcohol in order to feel less shy or to fight depression. The latter reason is somewhat justified, as long as the drugs are prescribed by a qualified professional and the consumption is controlled, but the former reason is merely an illusion of escape. Drugs do not change the world around you. Thus, they cannot solve the problems that occur due to your inability to take the position you want in this world. On a social level, addiction robs the country of valuable resources. People who abuse drugs and alcohol cannot be productive members of society. What is even worse is that they are often abusive and violent, so they present a threat to other citizens.

Substance abuse is too complex a problem to be solved by a single social program. People must aim to prevent it by addressing the reasons that push people towards drugs in the first place.

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