How To Write An MLA Format Essay Without Any Help

Many college and high school students will be asked to write an essay or paper using the MLA format. When handing in their essay in this situation there will be three things which the reader or examiner will be looking for.

  • Does the essay stick to the topic or answer the question being asked?
  • Is the writing effective, well researched and well-written?
  • Does the essay follow the requirements of the MLA format?

Now as far as the first two points above are concerned, they require common sense, preparation and a fair amount of elbow grease. As far as the third point is concerned, this requires knowing the rules and regulations of the MLA format and applying them to your essay. So what is required? Remember you are creating this essay in the MLA format working alone. You need to discover the requirements and apply them by yourself.

  • Your essay should appear on the standard size paper such as A4.
  • The text of your essay should be typed using double spacing and using a common font such as Times New Roman with the size of 12 point. The choice of a common font is important because there should be a contrast between the standard and italic styles in that font.
  • Use margins of 1 inch on all sides of every page.
  • A new paragraph is indented half an inch. You should set the tabs on your word processing software so making an indent easy and is not achieved by tapping the space bar a number of times.
  • You will use a page number in the top right hand corner flush against the right margin. It may be that your first page will not have a page number.
  • Your instructor or teacher may have a particular requirement in some aspects of the MLA format and you should ask in advance if that is the case.
  • If you list the title of works referred to in your essay, said titles must be in italics.
  • The first page will include such things as your name, your teacher’s name, the subject and the date. As with all text in your essay using the MLA format, it will be double spaced. This information goes in the top left-hand corner.
  • The title will be centered on this first page and you will not type the title all in capital letters.

There are numerous examples of essays written in the MLA format freely available online. You would do well to study these examples and see how the requirements as listed above are presented in the various essays.

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