15 argumentative essay topics for college students

Argumentation is pretty great, as it is the primary way that people are educated when controversy rears its ugly head. Argumentation is an entire branch of human knowledge. In addition, to celebrate that, here are 15 argumentative essay topics for college students!

  1. The gender wars are in full steam throughout American cultural and political discussion. Men and women are struggling for various cultural and legal rights, and trying to come to some sort of arrangement. Who is in the right here?
  2. Is there a place for the arts in high school? Do they, as some say, contribute to well round individuals, or do they waste valuable resources and push students towards degrees with no real-life applications?
  3. Fitness is an important part of life, as it enables you to be healthy and helps you will long term mental abilities as well as various fitness tests. Therefore, is it good to have objective, if personalized, fitness goals for students in high school and below that they are graded on? Should health not be incentivized?
  4. Is censorship over grounds of political correctness ever justified?
  5. Discuss the role of religion in world politics, and further discuss the ability of religion to be criticism for its role in shaping world culture.
  6. What is the best way to diet, should one first eliminate unhealthy foods or strive to seek out healthy foods, which should be prioritized?
  7. Do some cultures actually suffer harm when they go mainstream? Is the commercialization of say, indie rock culture a type of cultural appropriation?
  8. Is America behind the times by not adopting the metric system? Would the cost of effecting industry and construction be worth using a better and more scientific system of units?
  9. Should the government take an active role in shaping what technology is allowed to be developed?
  10. Internationally, there is often tragedy of the commons problems. To resolve these, is a one-world government desirable?
  11. Is romance dead in our generation?
  12. Should there be a mandatory increase in the rigor and logical reasoning of public discourse, even if it makes debate less assessable by the public?
  13. Can we trust science when there may be truth to some politically incorrect ideas? To what extent should such research be published?
  14. What is the role of culture in shaping our sexuality, and should we allow the expression of sexuality in younger people? How does the internet factor into all this?
  15. “People who are poor deserve to be so.” Discuss.

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