Finding Strong Argument Topics For Essays On The Web

When you are writing an argument essay you may be unsure of what topic to choose. With so many options out there it is no wonder that narrowing down a thesis is so difficult. Thankfully you can find strong argument topics for essays on the web. The internet is full of resources that provide topics like the examples below:

  • Write about obesity
  • Write about the power of the human mind
  • Write about physician assisted suicide
  • Write about the media’s influence in politics
  • Write about global warming and climate change

After you find a topic it is time to start writing.


If you are writing an essay on a piece of literature, you should examine all of the characters. Ask yourself the following questions about them:

  • How do the characters in the story develop the plot?
  • Are some of the characters untrustworthy and if so, is there a reason for this?
  • Why are the characters presented in the way that they are?
  • Structure

    Structure is important to any paper. Not only is the structure of your paper important, but the structure of the documents or books that you are reviewing. If you are writing a research paper that requires analyses of books or journals, you need to take some time to carefully review the structure of the piece. Consider the following questions:

    • How did parts of the book or parts of the essay follow each other?
    • How did the parts within this piece assemble in order to make the whole piece?
    • Why does the author of the piece start where they did and end where they did?
    • What logical progression of thought did the author provide?
    • How was progression used to affect the reader’s experience?
    • How did the progression of ideas have an effect on an average reader today? How did it have an effect on readers at the time the book or article was published?
    • Did the piece move from specific to general or from general to specific?

    If you had to divide the book or journal into sections, what sections would they be? Think beyond the standard chapter breaks and review how the different sections are related to one another. Chapters do make obvious sections, but some chapters can be grouped together while others cannot.

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