Nature Of Pitbulls

Pitbulls are known to be vicious dogs, but is this really true? Some people have a pitbull dog as a family pet. Others like to have them for a watch dog as they are known to get pretty upset when you cross their territory. There are different breeds and types of pitbulls so it can be challenging to really understand their nature. Some people raise them or mix them with other breeds. This can be a good or bad thing depending on how you look at. For the most part, they are known as loving dogs that can be great company for children and adults.

Mixed breeds can have a variety of characteristics to offer their owners. Many like to play, sleep, be lazy and be curious. In some cases it can depend on how the owner raises their dog. You can give them plenty of care, love and affection and they will give it back to you. There are people who enjoy raising them as pups and they can grow to be a pretty good size as adults. They tend to have an intimidating look that some find uncomfortable and scary. But this doesn’t mean the dog is mean or vicious, even though they have a history of being both.

Are pitbulls mean and vicious by nature? Many dog lovers and owners will say no. Unfortunately they may develop a mean streak when they are raised or taught to be vicious by their owners. There are pitbulls that can be kind and gentle. They are just like most dogs people keep for a pet. They want to be loved and cared for by someone that needs them. But when they are raised to be nasty and cruel, they get to a point where they are a threat to human life. In this case they have been put down in order to keep others safe. This often occurs when they are known to attack a person or a child.

Pitbulls are a unique breed all on their own. There are different breeds that come about depending on how a person raises or mixes them with other dogs. At one point the pitbull had a bad name and reputation. People would use them for dogfighting. Others would have them as a pet and let it roam lose in the streets. People still have a hard time seeing these dogs as a family pet since their history is not all that pretty.

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