Looking for Strong Argument Essay Topics in Libraries

Writing an argumentative essay may seem like a complicated task, but it becomes much easier when you choose a good topic and understand where you can find the needed information to support your ideas. One of the best places to look in is your university library. University libraries provide many services; including essay topic lists, academical writing manuals, and collections of templates. Different online libraries have slightly different interfaces, but the main elements are similar. The information below is designed to help students look for strong argument essay topics in libraries.

  1. You should visit the official website of your library. Then, find a section named “Guidelines and Articles” or “Writing Tips and Explanations.” Open that section and look for the paper topics. You can examine several collections of argument essay topics such as hot paper topics, paper topics by subjects, current topics, etc.
  2. University students can employ a researcher’s service to search for a good topic using keywords. However, you need to enter your user name and password before you can start working with the library’s databases. If you have any troubles and cannot log in, you should contact a help desk for assistance or read the FAQs section carefully.
  3. Pay attention to the lists of other helpful links that are provided. They may include paper topics of different universities, pros and cons of writing about controversial issues, a list of global issues, and a collection of great debates. If you have some time, do not hesitate to visit a database that holds materials about debates. It is interesting and helps students develop strong arguments. Usually, information is grouped by themes such as politics, culture, education, environment, health, religion, economics, society, etc.
  4. Most libraries do not only list the potential topics, but also provide umbrella topics and issues under debate. This is very helpful, and students come up with the essay topics faster.
  5. Take notice of information source citing policy. Most libraries provide formatting manuals and general recommendations, but ask you professor about the details.
  6. If you need some assistance, visit the “Ask a Librarian” webpage. Usually, you have several options; namely the help desk, calling a librarian, and using a chat. It is better to read the person’s specialization first, so you can directly contact someone who is responsible for in-depth answers and the essay writing process. You should also keep the working hours in mind in order to get a response as soon as possible.

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