Composing A Solid Literary Essay On Twelfth Night: A Step-By-Step Guide

A literary essay is the type of paper where the students has to critically analyze a piece of literature and take notes to perform a strong literature review of the given subject or topic. If you are to create a strong literary essay on the Twelfth Night, you will have to keep a certain things in mind. You can start with gathering the relevant information and data to write your paper and reviewing the already available data on the given subject to create a strong paper. You can divide the entire tasks into different steps so that you can manage them easily and create a paper that can impress your audience.

Here is a list of things you need to think of while writing a good paper on the Twelfth Night

  • Symbolism and Imagery
  • You need to read the work carefully and identify the Symbolism and Imagery the author has used in the work. You would be able to identify allegory and the way the writer has placed it in the work.

  • Setting of the literature
  • The comedy work is placed in Illyria of Dukedom. Most of the Britain does not know much about this place. The place is on the Adriatic coast.

  • Genre
  • The play by Shakespeare is a work of comedy and contains several points where the reader will find it quite hilarious.

  • Tone of the author
  • It is a great thing that the author uses several tones in the play from dark to humor to festive. The tone would change from high to low in a few sentences and you will feel that immediately.

  • Writing style of the author
  • The characters in this play by Shakespeare use musical and poetic compositions and the critics regard it as a rich style of writing.

  • The title of the play
  • Why do you think the author named the play as Twelfth Night, would you suggest a different name for the play, why so?

  • The ending of the play
  • Unlike other works by the same author, the play ends at a positive note where social order is maintained and everyone has a successful conclusion. Discuss this contrast with the other plays by the same author.

  • The plot of the play Twelfth Night
  • Analyze the plot of the play and see the way different characters are introduced and carried in the play. Viola disguises herself as her twin brother and arrives on the shores of the Illyria.

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