Where to Look for Proofread Academic Essay Examples

Any writing style is best learned on examples, and essay writing is not an exception. In order to learn to craft excellent essays, you need to read and analyze many essay examples. Of course these examples should be excellently written and thoroughly proofread, or you may find yourself repeating the mistakes of their authors. Here is a brief guide to finding reliable academic essay examples.

  • Ask your instructor.
  • He or she must have lots of previously submitted essays on file and may provide a few of them to you to familiarize with proper essay structure and style. At the very least, your instructor may tell you where to find good essay samples in your school or college library.

  • Explore your academic institution’s library.
  • Most schools or colleges store the submitted student essays for a long time. You may be able to access them through an online database or in a physical library only. Both digital and print essays often show the author’s mistakes fixed by instructors and the resulting grades. Studying these papers, you will be able to learn on the mistakes of others, not your own.

  • Buy a book of good essays.
  • This is a good way of getting essay examples if your time is extremely scarce but you have some money to spend. Collections of best student essays, sorted by academic level or subject, are sometimes sold as commercial books, both in print and digital form. The essays included there are carefully proofread. Look for books with titles such as 50 Best College Essays on English Literature 2014 at any major bookseller’s website. Digital versions are usually cheaper, but you may need a special device to read them on.

  • Visit educational websites or writing labs.
  • Look for essay samples on the Web. For most reliable results, your search should be restricted to “.edu” websites. The examples found in reputable writing labs are as close to perfection as anything you can discover. Moreover, they are fully explained – from formatting issues to the paragraph structure. You may use these tips as a guideline when writing your own essay.

  • Visit online communities such as WikiHow.
  • Essay examples on such resources are written and explained in accessible ways. As the information is constantly checked, proofread, and updated by community members, many of whom have high qualifications, it is generally reliable. Use these sample-based writing tips as a complement to what you already know from specialized educational resources. There may be a few unexpected advices and lifehacks on how to best approach essay writing.

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