3 ways to use a free example of an essay paper

The really good news about examples of an essay paper is about it being free. Of course you can purchase examples of essay papers but you can also read them for nothing. They are easy to find and there are plenty of them. But despite this good news you need to be serious about how you benefit from this. Just because you got access to a free essay paper, doesn't mean you will necessary learn from it. Here are three suggested ways you can benefit from such a free example.

  • Look for the structure and relevance to the title.
  • Look for the good points and learn from them.
  • Look for the score and the comments from the examiner.

The structure of your essay is the same as the architect’s drawings for a house. It must have an introduction, two or even three middle paragraphs and then a conclusion. With the free essay in front of you, draw a line under the end of the introduction and under the end of the last fact paragraph. Now in an instance you can see the three main sections. What happens in each section? Does the essay stick to the title or answer the question if one is posed?

You have been told a number of times about the good aspects of a well-written essay. It starts each fact paragraph with a main point and may develop each of these main points by adding supporting information. It states the thesis statement early on in the introduction. It sums up everything which is gone before in the conclusion but does not add any new material. Look for all of these points as you study your free example.

Finally what does the examiner have to say about this free essay? What comments were given about the writing? What score did the examiner gives the essay? Read the essay again in light of the comments made by the teacher or professor who marked it. You can learn a lot from reading what a professional thinks about a particular essay. Do you agree with the comments and the mark?

Remember you can always learn something from somebody else's work even if it means finding fault with the writing and knowing about that fault and avoiding it. Better though is to find good points and insert them in your own essay writing.

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