How Do You Craft a Topic Sentence for a Comparative Essay?

The body paragraph of a comparative essay should be concentrated around the topic. A decent topic sentence is necessary for both the writer and the readers. The topic sentence helps the writer to stick to the topic of the essay. The readers will obtain the information on the data that will be contained in the paragraph and various points of the body that are interconnected.

The topic sentence is usually set at the very beginning of the body paragraph. It is similar to the thesis statement, but it’s a smaller version. It unifies the elements of the paragraph. That’s why it’s important to bring the writing skills to perfection so that you were able to develop a decent text.

Read the following criteria that should be met when you work on the topic sentence for a comparative essay.

  • Write an arguable sentence.
  • In this type of the text you need to compare various items of the topic. The introduction sentence should show an existing conflict between the research objects. That will drive the attention of the readers to the topic of your paper. The arguable statement always works better than a plain description of the facts.

  • Link the sentence to the thesis.
  • Reread the thesis statement attentively and pick the most significant elements. Use them in the starting sentence. The keywords that are used in the thesis should for a strong core for an introductory sentence of the body in your comparative paper.

  • State the subject of the paragraph.
  • State clearly the subject of the paragraph. It is required for a better understanding of the text. State clearly the main points of the body and create an intrigue that will encourage a further reading of your paper. Mind stating the peculiarities of the work in simple sentence structures.

  • Create the list of the most important things.
  • It is a great idea to write out the most important things from the body and set them at the very beginning of the text. You don’t need to describe them. Create the list of the required points and explain their importance in the context of your paper.

  • Use only your personal ideas.
  • Some writers try to write the quotations of famous people. However, it is not advisable to do so. The introductory sentence to the paragraph should contain your personal opinion, attitude and ideas concerning the topic of the paper. It better to start writing your own position so that the readers could better understand your point of view.

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