Editing Tips That Will Help You Improve Your Essay

When performing any activity, doing it mindfully will always result in a better-finished product. The same can be said for when writing a paper. The writing process should be a mindful and active process, in which you are aware of your progress and writing. Throughout the progression of your essay, participating actively in writing will help avoid silly grammatical errors and slipups, but once you’ve completed your drafted paper—multiple drafts, proofreading and peer review are editing tips to further improve your essay.

Once you have completed the first draft of your paper, you have reached a huge milestone. This accomplishment is the bulk of your work, but major editing is still required for the best paper possible. The first step to editing would be to redraft. After writing your first draft, sit back and mull it over. Is the paper organized in the best way possible? Are there any questions that are unanswered? Scrutinize your paper, and you will find room for improvement. There is always room for improvement after the first draft. It is completely normal to have at least three drafts of your paper, or even more—we are aiming for perfection.

After you have drafted your paper, it is always smart to have a peer or advisor look at your paper too. Chances are they will have feedback or insight that maybe you have yet to think of, which is priceless advice. Your essay will hopefully be read by multiple audiences once complete, so getting a variety of advice will help produce a universally accepted paper.

After you feel you have the best working draft of your paper as far as content and organization, and you have received some helpful peer review—you will want to do heavy proofreading. You will want to search for any grammatical errors, structural issues or syntactical improvements. The proofreading process is much like the drafting and peer review process, in which you scrutinize your paper—but at this point you will want to be proofreading word-by-word and line-by-line at this point. You are satisfied with the content, but are looking for a flawless presentation.

With these tools: drafted writing, peer review and heavy proofreading you will be sure to improve your paper. Keep active in the writing process, and these will be your best tools for assistance in the writing process.

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