Good topics for persuasive essays: several good advice

If you are writing a creative college essay, but you want a topic that is not common, generic, or found on the internet, consider these topics below. Each of the topics can provide a base for something more precise, something more creative, something that is far from the generic. It is important that you pick something that you know too. Of course, if you are unfamiliar with a topic but it truly strikes you, then it might just be worth exploring and writing passionately about. You might find that you surprise yourself.

  • Topic Choice 1: Obesity

  • This broad topic does exist on the internet, but what does not exist on the internet are topics about health insurance rates and the tie to obesity. This is a complicated issue about which many papers and essays could be written. You could focus on the new health care laws and whether it is appropriate to judge based on size. There are certain pre-existing conditions that previously allowed health care companies to deny coverage. But should there be the same limits to someone who is not limited in their size? Should it be acceptable for the government or for private businesses to be sizest when racism and sexism are not allowed? You could write about obesity and exercise, weight loss surgeries, flaws with calculating using the body mass index, diet pills, etc...

  • Topic Choice 2: Heart Attack

  • Heart disease is arguably the primary killer for women around the world. Most people do not know this though. They claim breast cancer. But in reality, the symptoms of heart disease for women vary from heart disease for men. It is said that one in two women will die of a heart disease related illness while only one in twenty five will die from breast cancer. This impressive statistic lends itself to a variety of creative writing projects. You can research the difference between the symptoms for a woman and the symptoms for a man. You can use the American Heart Association as a great source too.

  • Topic Choice 3: The Power of the Human Mind

  • Wellness is a great topic, especially for creative writing. It can inspire, and has inspired, many a fiction writer in the past. The power of the mind is a truly inspirational topic and can lead to writing on different intelligences, the unseen and untested bond between two humans (most commonly seen in twins) that can span around the world, the connection between people that can be used as telepathic communication, etc...

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