How to write a short essay: 5 advices for college newbies

As a college freshman, you should be able to easily complete a short essay in 45 minutes flat. Follow these five tips to find out how:

8 minutes to plan

Make sure you spend at least five to eight minutes planning your essay. This includes:

  • Conceptualizing your topic
  • Coming up with your subheadings
  • Making notes on the order of each paragraph
  • Writing down a short list of places you intend to find research

13 minutes to research

Researching should be done strategically. If you don’t do this part right, it can take long, but being clever about the way you go about your research will ensure faster results. Get your research done quicker by:

  • Keeping notes when you find pertinent information
  • Copying and pasting long sections of reading material and referring to it later (when you are actually writing your paper)
  • Watching videos or listening to audios while you take notes. (Quicker than reading)

3 minutes to outline

If you planned correctly, then outlining should take about two to three minutes. This is a simple stage that involves typing out all your subheadings and putting them in the order you intended. Consider making short notes at the bottom of each subheading to remind yourself later what you had planned to write about.

15 minutes to connect the dots

Grab the research you did and start filling in all the info for each paragraph. All the planning and outlining you did should allow you to finish this in less than 15 minutes. If you get stuck, look at your outline. If you still get stuck, take a peek at your research. It won’t be long before the essay starts forming its shape and making sense.

6 minutes to proofread and edit

Start from the beginning and read your essay as if you were someone reading it for the first time. This is best done after taking a break. Look out for spelling errors and also ensure that every paragraph makes sense where it is. Don’t be afraid to rearrange anything that seems out of place.

Now that’s 45 minutes well spent! The investment you’ve made into your essay will pay off if you’ve followed these helpful procedures. Use this guide for future essays and try to beat your time without compromising on the quality.

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