How to write an argumentative essay properly: list of prompts

Writing an argumentative essay is required at some point in time throughout you education. The idea is to investigate a topic, do research on it, and formulate an opinion to establish your own position.  This form of essay is an in-depth paper on why you have the position about the topic you do. The research for this type of essay is very in-depth and requires several sources that prove your position.

This article will show you the different steps in properly writing an argumentative essay. The process is not considered a step-by-step process; however, there are ways that will help you properly state your position and explain why. The first step in the writing process requires choosing a topic. Even this has steps to ensure you pick a proper topic. We will start by looking at how to choose a topic and what steps will help you research, organize, and write a position on the topic.

Recommended steps to a proper argumentative essay

  • Choose a topic
    1. Topic needs to have adequate information
    2. Topic must have different stand points
  • Research topic
    1. Notate resources used
    2. Choose resources from different stand points to prove your position
  • Formulate thesis
    1. Choose your stand point
  • Organize information
    1. Information should flow from one point to the next
    2. At least one paragraph should discuss a different position than your own
    3. Create an outline
  • Create rough draft
  • Edit

These are not the required steps to take, but are recommended. The reason you research your topic before writing is to ensure you have enough reliable information supporting your position. If there is not enough information, you should either choose a different topic or a different position. Your thesis should come after the research, you know you have enough information and have a position on the topic. Now, you should create an outline showing your organized information and sources used. This allows you to put elaboration sentences between creating a rough draft. The last step is to edit the paper to make any corrections.

An argumentative essay does not have to go in the order stated in this article; the steps can be flipped. They recommendation is only to ensure a smoother writing process. If you follow the steps in the order shown, you will not run into as many complications.

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