How To Find An Outstanding Profile Essay Example For College

Compiling your essay despite having all ideas and materials can sometimes be difficult. An example guides you through the process of writing making it easier to complete the work and do so in the right way. Experts have recommended the use of samples for the following reasons.

  • They provide a step by step outline and guide as you complete your work. This removes the abstract feeling that comes with mere instructions.
  • They reduce decision making time by providing an example that is verified. This applies in choice of topic, thesis statement, presentation of ideas and formatting, among other area. Your work is presented alongside the practical examples in the sample paper.
  • Examples of essays give you an idea of how your work will appear once complete. This is an incredible confidence booster that you have done the right thing.
  • Following a sample reduces wastage of time and resources in cases where you would be forced to repeat the entire paper because of not adhering to particular instructions. The time taken to compile the work and resources used would go to waste.

Not all samples available are reliable. Only a few sources provide the best samples that would be used to produce a quality essay. These sources include:

  1. Institution Library
  2. Learning institutions have a collection of academic materials for use by their students. The materials are vetted before stocking in libraries. This is an indication that they are reliable for use in academic work.

    Apart from the general library, departments, schools or faculties have libraries with specific materials. Visit the library and request a sample of a profile essay. Departmental libraries are better sources since their samples are specific to the genre and will therefore be easier to use.

  3. From your lecturer
  4. Lecturers have a responsibility to guide students in their academic endeavor. They have interacted with numerous resources and could be in possession of a reliable sample. The lecturer may also refer you to an index in the library or an online source where you can get reliable samples. Their moral and academic responsibilities ensure that you get the best sample.

  5. A colleague or senior
  6. Colleagues handling the same essay could be in possession of a reliable sample and would readily assist you. A senior who has completed the course could also assist you with his or refer you to a reliable source.

    Regardless of the source, ensure that particular instructions issued by your instructor are obeyed. Do not copy the material to avoid penalties because of plagiarism.

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