How To Find A Solid Example Of A Narrative Essay About Friendship: Vital Advice

It is always said that no man is an island. You cannot live without others. Aside from your family, you will always go out and look for friends to mingle and to share a part of your life. In this article, you will find ways on how to write for that very special person in your life.

  • Start within yourself. Why bother to look for something when you can be the best topic of a narrative essay yourself. It would be a perfect article since it is said that you are the master of yourself and the captain of your soul.
  • Interview your family members. The second best option to write an article is to ask questions directly to the members of your family circle. Ask from them their idea of how they understand friendship and what they are looking for in a friend.
  • Extend your survey to your friends and relatives. When you want to get more ideas, especially on a topic that almost everyone knows, approach the individuals whom you consider closest to you so they can give you what’s on their brilliant minds.
  • Read more novels about love and friendship. Doing this will pave the way for you to write a more comprehensive essay because famous authors will surprise you of their knowledge and wisdom.
  • Scan newspapers and magazine articles for your topic. These will supplement your stock knowledge on your topic and will give you the opportunity to understand how other people put importance on having a friend.
  • Buy a book or two to help you think of fresh ideas about your topic. When you spend on books, your money is not wasted at all. Instead, you make your life more meaningful by exploring what and how people think of lasting or fleeting relationships.
  • Watch a movie or a video. You learn at least eighty percent of what you see and experience. Only twenty percent is learned from things that you hear or overhear.
  • Visit a library and be a bookworm for the moment. There is no better place to look for other supplemental materials except going to the most silent academic places of all. Be guided by the friendly staff and see for yourself how to look for a book by author, subject or title card.

Now that you know where to look, there is no reason that you will still be idle. Get up and start picking any of those suggested advice above and start making friends. Who knows? Someone is waiting for you to become his best friend.

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