How do you write a narrative essay: underlying problems

If you want to write a great narrative essay, you have to do more than just what is required. You want to go above and beyond. You want to improve your writing style as well as your knowledge base when you are researching and writing an essay. You want to address the underlying problems and rectify them immediately.

How can you do this?

  • Step 1: Start reading.

  • One of the underlying problems to students trying to write a narrative essay is that they forge to read anything unrelated to their task and thus limit their exposure to creative writing. This is not limited to the research you will need to do to write the paper. Everyone can do that much reading. What you should do is start to integrate all manner of reading whenever you find a spare moment. Carry a small book around with you and try reading a few pages next time you are stuck on a bus or waiting for a ride instead of picking up your phone to scroll through old text messages or play a pointless game about birds.

  • Step 2: Get some advice from writing groups.

  • Another underlying problem students face when writing a narrative essay is not truly understanding the assignment details or not getting adequate feedback as they write. Turning to students in the course or friends or family is what most students do when they are stuck and it is what results in stunted writing. Writing groups, both in person or online, can be wonderful. But this is of course contingent upon finding a great writing group. Instead of relying only on your classmates for assistance, the same classmates who are trying to change the bell curve themselves or loathe you for doing so already, try to reach out to other professional writers and get some feedback from people who do not have any personal investment in you. Your teachers are great, but they are grading you. So you should find objective help elsewhere. Your family and friends are also great, but they will support you no matter what. So finding a writing group to look over your work and help give you constructive feedback will really do wonders to improve your writing. Remember that strangers will be brutally honest, but they will not do it to hurt you, but rather, to help you.

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