Brand New Expository Essay Topic Ideas

An expository essay is one where you explain to the reader, what it is, define it, to do it, how it works, the history of it, and so on. You want to pick a topic that you are knowledgeable on and one where you can explain the topic to your audience. There are three ways that you can collect your information for your expository essay, you can interview people, observe the surroundings of your subject, or research. You can do these separately or together to get your information.

Expository Essay Topics

  • Something that you probably haven’t thought of before was the history of your school’s mascot. This makes for an interesting and new expository essay.
  • What really happens when a juvenile breaks the law? This subject can vary from state to state because of different laws. You can interview law enforcement officers or even juveniles that have been in the system. You can use all of the three gathering methods on this one.
  • We have universal health care now but there are still people out there that don’t have it. How do these people get treatment if they need it? And are these people hurting our health care system or is health insurance still not affordable to all people.
  • What are the causes of obesity? We hear about how bad obesity but what are the causes? Is it really their fault or an underlying cause that causes them to be so heavy? Also are they just lazy and could it be prevented?
  • Wi-Fi we use it everyday but do you know how it works? Wi-Fi is something that we can’t live without but how exactly does it work and what is the history of Wi-Fi?
  • You have probably heard people throw around the word OCD but what does it mean to have it? Is there are way that you can recognize it and can it be overcome?
  • The United States has seen a steady increase of people getting diagnosed with depression. Why is that? And what causes depression and how can we fix it?
  • Why do teenagers run away from home? This happens more than you think and what cause teens to do this. Are they to blame for this choice or is it the parent’s responsibility to ensure this doesn’t happen. And what dangers does the teenager put himself or herself in when they run away.

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