Evaluation of the Research Policies of the National Institutes of Health

The National Institute of Health has set-up many rules, regulations, and guidelines when it comes to doing research in the fields of science and medicine.  The National Institute of Health continues to update their rules, regulations, and guidelines concerning clinical studies and experiments in science and medicine.  The purpose of updating rules and regulations is to ensure that the research being conducted is not done in an illegal or immoral method that will cause unnecessary pain to test subjects like animals and human beings.  The NIH ensures that all research policies are constantly updated and reviewed to ensure that no moral obligations or laws are being broken or compromised.

The National Institute of Health has now passed rules and regulations that discuss how women will be used in clinical trials and experiments to test medicines that are geared towards diseases that affect women. For many years, NIH has refused to use women as participants in scientific experiments.  But, NIH has received much pressure from women advocate groups to use more females in their clinical trials, especially, if the medicine being tested is for the benefit of women.  The National Institute of Health has realized the importance of including women in clinical trial studies since the 1970s.

The National Institute of Health has had a bad reputation and bad stigma among minority groups like Black Americans.  The main reason for this bad reputation is due to the history of the federal government using minority groups for scientific experiments without their consent or knowledge.  The federal government has a history of using minority groups as “guinea pigs” to find out how diseases affect and destroy the body.  The prime example of such scientific experiments is when the federal government conducted a test on how syphilis progresses when untreated in Black Americans.  Without informing the participants that they were being infected with syphilis, the federal government evaluated the participants to see how syphilis was destroying their bodies physically.  The federal government did not compensate the participants nor did they provide them with medicine to fight the disease.  The NIH has learned from this mistake and no longer conducts such scientific experiments that places a group of individuals in serious harm.

NIH has changed the research policies they use to conduct scientific experiments and testing of different types of medicine.  The National Institute of Health has realized the importance of having their research policies evaluated, revised, and amended on a regular basis for the safety of human kind.  The NIH has realized that in order to get the full cooperation of individuals to participate in clinical studies and scientific experiments, they must ensure that their research policies are up to date and does not cause unnecessary harm to the participants.

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