Servant Leadership

Can a servant of the company, be a leader? In fact, yes. Even though this may sound strange, the method first mentioned by Peter Block and Robert Greenleaf, has had good results. So why? Examining some of the thought behind this will show light on the idea and the why.

  1. Definition
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  3. Lead by Example
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Servant leadership is where the leader serves the people they lead, often by working a position with them. In effect, this sets an example that others are more willing to follow. This is done by showing the workers under the manager, what they expect. A servant Leader will often work materials, giving what is needed for the other employees, and maintaining company goals. This is what is often referred to as a “Working Manager”, as compared to a “Paper Manager”.


A leader that is there to support others as needed, also sets an example to other managers in training. Supporting the company by bringing in the best for the positions, promoting self expression, and encouraging others to work with them. Developing the strengths of each member, to orchestrate a system that pushes each member to reach their full potential. And in the process achieving the company’s needs.

Lead by Example

Fellow employees are more willing to work harder, when they work with a working manager. The servant leader is there to offer help when it is needed, supporting the staff. This support develops a more effective workplace, that is often more profitable. But at the same time, the servant leader needs to consider the needs of the shareholder, or the ones above them. So even though they are “servant” to the staff, they must also be a leader, and direct actions that need done. Even if that means they have to do it as well. Being a servant leader, is a balancing act, that both sides must be maintained at all times.


In respect to the servant leader, managing can never be forgotten. Even though they are a supportive factor in the business, they cannot be taken advantage of. Thus, there is a limit of how much they can support, and how much they have to control. If it is done right, the servant leader is a very productive leader. If it's not done right, then the servant leader can be a liability. Each case has to be evaluated on its own merits. And can only be effective if the employees are willing to work in a positive environment, with a good servant leader.

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