Conceptual data modelling

Data modelling is the process of identifying data representation for different data structures with an aim of getting the requirements of the database in the process of development. Conceptual data modelling deals with getting the requirements for the database instead of the operations on the database. This is actually a database plan and does not involve the data itself. The procedure is undertaken during analysis resulting to entity relational diagram.

At this stage, entities, attributes, and relations descriptions takes place. Entity defines the object that the have information to capture about it. This is the name of a thing, category or a thing of importance. Attributes on the other hand are the description about the entity. It gives the information that the object has that the database needs. Relation implies how different entities inter relate.

Conceptual data modelling is the underlying database creation step that aim at creating an interface that makes users to understand the functions of the database. Though it does not entail the real data but it is necessary as it gives an overview of the database itself. It not only visualizes the database structure but also gives high-profile information used in the database development.

The first step is identifying the major subject areas as this will avoid omissions that may occur. During this step all the branches of a given organization is put in consideration. Identification of the entities for each subject follows hence the attribute for each entity description. Lastly the relationship of the entities and subject discussion to the highest level performance. At this stage entity relation diagrams drawings construction is meaningful to help in understanding of the system. Evaluation of all the details is necessary for effectiveness. Carefulness is paramount at this stage as any error in this level can lead to restart and this may cause wastage of a lot of resources.

This process is very important as it helps the users by giving them the ability to understand the database effectively. It assists database designers to realize specification of the databases. Apart from these, it act as a point of reference to users of the database and the designers as it is the source of documentation. The document is necessary fo future advancement of the system.

This process is one of the critical part in database programming. It is essential that care and skills combinations with presence of user and their active participation to verify that the database created has limited errors and can curb the problem.

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