A guide for students: What is a good topic for a persuasive essay:

A persuasive essay is meant to convince someone of something. In other words your goal at the end of the essay is to get everyone to agree with your point of view and to be as passionate about the topic as you are as well as to get them to want to inform others and get even more people to agree with your point of view. This is the goal of a persuasive essay but it may not always happen, it all depends on the presentation. Usually the more well-written the essay is then the higher your chances are for convincing the crowd, but if you do not have research to prove your points or if you are not really good with words, then you are more than likely going to not change anyone’s minds. Here are some helpful points to remember:

Pick out a really strong topic, something that may be fresh in the news or something that has a lot of controversy following it

Choosing the right topic seems to be the hardest part about writing an essay, but it really is simple; pick something that obviously has two sides that differ greatly, the more controversy that surrounds that topic, the better. Once the topic is chosen you should decide what side to be on, you might want to fight for what you believe in, but if you cannot find enough information to back it up, then you need to fight for what you can prove.

Always be extremely organized

When gathering all of the information you need for this essay and trying to figure out what your points should be, you need to make sure to always take very detailed notes. And create an outline; the outline is basically your paper without all of the information and research added into it. The outline tells you what to put where and helps makes the writing part easier. Just remember the more organized your essay is then the better all of your points and hard work will come off and be.

Never back down from your point, and remember the more information you have to back up each point the better off you are

This is where you get to shine, make sure you state facts and mention information that cannot be refuted. There will always be another side to the topic but that doesn’t mean anything to you at this moment. The whole point of the essay has come to this, persuading the reader or the audience of the topic you chose and how you see it and believe it.

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