How To Do My Essay Being Tired: Professional Advice

Students are renowned for living their lives on a rollercoaster ride of partying and studying which inevitably leads to sleep deprivation. Indeed lack of sleep has become a rite of passage; a badge of honor that many find too irresistible to ignore. That said, your primary goal is to secure a good overall grade, which in turn means producing and submitting work of a high caliber. So, just how do you write a high-quality essay while tired? Here is my professional advice:

Push through it

Tiredness is generally something that you can generally become accustomed to. It becomes a way of life. Granted, it is not a healthy way of life and is not sustainable long-term. However, if you have a deadline to meet and you are absolutely exhausted then you have no real choice but to push through it. Oddly enough, this will stand you in good stead for circumstances later in life and I dare say is character building.

Drink lots of caffeine

Your parents will probably kill me if they read this article, because it really does seem as though I am advocating an unhealthy lifestyle. However, it is a known fact that drinking caffeine does keep you awake. There is an abundance of caffeine drinks on the market. I would recommend coffee over energy drinks as while they are okay in a limited capacity, they can become addictive and are REALLY not good for your health. If you must have an energy drink, make sure it is only one.

Drink lots of water

I know it might seem as if I am giving contradictory advice – caffeine and water – However, staying hydrated is key to your general health and keeping your organs functioning properly will give you a renewed sense of purpose and energy.

Listen to some music

Having some upbeat, funky music to listen to while you are working is a great way of keeping you stimulated and awake. Just be careful that the music in itself doesn’t become a distraction and prevent you from studying. Try and sing or hum along if possible.

Promise yourself a good night’s sleep

I usually advocate having a treat or reward lined up at the end of your assignment. There is nothing more motivating that knowing that you are going to tuck into your favorite pizza etc. Conversely, when you are exhausted simply knowing that you comfortable bed awaits at the end of the task can be enough to see you through!

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