Basic Features Of A Well-Written Response Essay On A Poem

One of the demanding tasks that literature students face in the coursework is poetry. Poetry is very demanding and requires special analysis skills. Not many people are able to effectively do that. What are the basic features of a well-written response essay on a poem? The article below will answer that question.

For poetry writing to be effective, one needs to clearly understand why exactly they are writing about. The aim of such an assignment is to create the ability to argue about the thesis based on specific elements found in the poem and the relationship existing among them. Here are some basic features an essay poem should have:

A text based argument

Learning how to create a text based argument helps the student defend their idea. They will defend the idea based on a text made available to them and the readers. Not only does it aid in sharpening of the reasoning skills but also providing a logical explanation to the reader of the poem. It makes the reader agree with the argument presented.

Have a clear understanding of what is being read

One of the basic features of poetry is that the reader and author of the poem should fully understand whatever they are reading. In addition, it helps the student see things they may have missed during analysis.

What can be written in poetry?

  • The theme: What theme do you want to you want the poem to have? It is important to build the poem around a theme that the readers can easily recognize. Some of the common themes include love, marriage and death. The poem can have several themes.
  • Genre: Are you looking for s sonnet, ode, elegy, lyric , satire or an epic poem? Under what literary movement does it fit in? Is it modernism, romanticism or neoclassism? This calls for extensive research and reading among the students.
  • Versification: This entails focusing on the meter and rhyme of the poem. Other techniques such as caesura and enjambment are also considered.
  • Figures of speech: What figures f speech will be used? Most poems will make use of metaphors, similes, irony and personification.

What styles should be used

There are some standard conventions that are normally used in poetry .There is the use of present or past tenses. Some may opt to use quotations and explain the meaning later. All said and done, all quoted sources should be acknowledged and cited.

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