How to Write a Visual Argument Analysis Essay in 45 Minutes

There are different kinds of essays: reflective, argumentative, descriptive etc. However visual argument analysis essay is quite a different work. Actually there is no topic, there is just some photo or picture that student is supposed to analyze. It’s not so hard to write this kind of the assignment when you know the steps to follow. Our article will help you write it in 45 minutes. Please read the steps below to cope with your task easily:

  1. Learn the picture carefully.
  2. Try to analyze everything you see on the picture and then write it down. Here are the points you can follow:

    • Who is the author of this piece of art?
    • What is the time of its creation?
    • What is depicted on the picture?
    • Is it animate or inanimate?
    • What is shown on the foreground and background?
    • Are there any signs or symbols? What do they mean?
    • What is the material it was done from? (Canvas, stone, metal, ivory, wood etc.)
    • What is the kind of the artwork? (sculpture, painting, drawing, photography etc.)
    • What is the art style? (surrealism, modern, realism, baroque etc.)
    • What colors predominate? What does it mean?
    • What did the artist want to say by this piece of art?
    • What is the overall impression from the picture?
    • What name suits it?
  3. Build up the structure.
  4. After you answered all the questions above, reread the information and try to understand what is missing. Add the information you think is necessary. Then structure it.

    • There is no one generally accepted structure of a visual argument analysis essay, though anyway it should contain the introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. The length of the paper is also not fixed. It depends on the piece of art you are going to describe.
    • In general, several sentences will be enough for the introduction. Here you can express your attitude to the picture.
    • In body paragraphs write down all the information you got after the analysis. Mind that you are working on the argument analysis essay, so you should develop the argument based on what is depicted on the picture and the evaluation of this piece of art. Each paragraph should contain its central idea which will be connected with the main idea of the whole work.
    • The conclusion, as well as the introduction, can contain only a few sentences, summarizing all your analysis.
    • Mind that analyzing any piece of art is also a kind of art as you should feel the piece of art deeply enough to interpret it and convince the reader that your interpretation is worth.

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