3 Main Tips On How To Write Conclusion For Essay And Impress The Readers 

The conclusion of your essay is an important component. It does much more than just repeat what you already included in your introduction. It is meant to revisit the concepts you introduced and to discuss the implications that your findings or overall research may have. Your goal, in order to impress readers, is to introduce something bigger than you in the conclusion. That means you discuss how your research relates to the big picture, or you pose a question that relates to the bigger community. In any case, as you write your paper avoid these mistakes:

  • Do not use words or concepts that you do not comprehend completely
  • Do not over-use qualifiers like really, some, quite, very…
  • Avoid using really famous quotes. If you are going to include a quote, try and find one that offers knowledge rather than one that has become a common colloquialism
  • Avoid profane words, cute words, a flippant attitude, or overuse of humor.
  • Get rid of any slang or abbreviations
  • Alleviate any flowery language, as this will only serve to take up space

Adhere to these tips when writing your conclusion:

  • Tip #1:
  • If, at any point in your writing, you opt to write about how difficult your life has been, how much your religion means to you, how much the illness or death of a loved one has taught you, or how compassionate and smart you are, be careful. You do not want to overdo it with these very personal topics.

  • Tip #2:
  • You should remember that you are writing for an intelligent audience, but not necessarily one who is familiar with your topic, so provide proper background as needed. Actions and direct source material will speak louder than words, so provide examples as evidence rather than just your words as evidence when describing a point. Do not write anything that is false or padded; keep the information in your paper accurate.

  • Tip #3:
  • Finally, remember to show your paper to a few different readers before you submit it. Make sure these readers are people whose opinion you respect. Ask them to give their input and provide any meaningful suggestions. Remember to adhere to your word limits and page limits. Proofread your document after you have done all of this to ensure it is high quality.

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