Essay about leadership:
use your own experience

When you are writing an essay about leadership, the most authentic stories you can use are from your own experiences. Writing about situations that you encountered and the leadership skills it took to overcome them is one of the best anecdotes you can use while writing. In fact, doing so will prove not only to be authentic but to provide your readers with something they have never heard. It will give them insight into you and your personal leadership style that they cannot learn through a resume or other academic report.

As you write your essay about leadership it is important that you make time to plan properly so that you can alleviate an excessive number of drafts. You should also take some time after completing the first few drafts to step away from the work you have done and then return later to proofread and find any errors you areas that do not quite tell your story as well as it could. Look to ensure your writing shows the reader the event that occurred or the experience you had. They should feel as though they are transported to that event and they should know immediately why it was significant for you.

As you sit down to write, start by planning. Planning your thesis or paper will help you to produce an orderly argument that your readers will be able to follow in a logical fashion. It also helps you to reduce spot repetition, thereby creating a more economical paper. Planning enables you to find areas where evidence or solid arguments might have been left out. This helps you to produce a thorough paper that the reader can easily follow. You can also make drafts better when you plan ahead, thus allowing you to concentrate on word choice, grammar and clarity when you proofread and review.

But be cautious not to over-plan your topic. If you do this, you might get too wrapped up in the planning process and fail to leave yourself enough time to write the actual paper and revise it properly. This might result in you producing a final paper that tries to cover too many things at once, failing to provide any analytic depth. Too much planning can also result in writing that has no ease or spontaneity. If you plan too much, you will not give yourself enough time to create new ideas while you write.

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