Online Writing Lessons: How Do You Start An Expository Essay?

Definition of expository writing

An expository paper is the type of assignment where you have to give the details of a certain subject and throw light on a certain aspect of the subject. It is important for you to remember that this paper only demands you to explain the subject under concern without ringing any bells or whistles. It does not need you to take a stance or build an argument that would convince your audience; rather it is simply an explanation of the subject.

You do not even have to give your opinions and personal perspectives in the paper. For examples, if the expository prompt says “Discuss the impacts of technology on marketing since the past decade”, then you simply have to discuss these impacts. You do not have to state whether these impacts are good or bad, whether they could have been avoided or improvised, which one is a stronger reason and why etc. All you have to do is list the significant impacts technology has made on marketing since the past ten years.

How do you start an expository paper?

  1. Before you start writing an expository assignment, it is important that you have all the evidence and data you need to include in your paper. This is critical because once you start writing your paper and find some important data later, it will get difficult for you to organize it or arrange it in a proper place. This might even disturb the overall arrangement that you have made for your paper and ruin the logical order. You should first have all the data and information you will include in your paper
  2. Decide which data to use where. Once you have all the data in one place, it is important to allocate the places. For example, whether you want to show the most important information at the beginning or save it for the last. You should know which body paragraph will throw light upon what section of your subject
  3. After you have made the outline and organized your data, you can move forward and start the writing process. The first official paragraph in your essay would be the introduction where you present your topic to the audience. After the introduction, you will write the body of your paper followed by the conclusion to summarize what you have done

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